The Co-operative Movement of the Russian Far East

This page is made up Russian Far East Association of Co-operative Movement for accumulation, collection and systemization information of Russian and Foreign Scientists, experts, practicians, representatives of co-operative society and all who will be interested make prove and develop Co-operative movement in Russia, Russian Far East Aria and all countries of our small World.

Films for economic democracy

1. The Wave of the Future, ICA, 1989, avaliable in English, French, Spanish and Japanese, in PAL, SECAM and NTSM versions, 17 mins.

2. Inscoop and the Portuguese Co-operative Movement - 1990, PAL, 18 mins.

3. Hospital de Barcelona, por SCIAS, Espana, 1990,PAL, 16 mins.

4. Strength in Numbers, Canadian Co-operative Association, 1990, NTSC, 29 mins.

5. Self-management in a Competitive World: The Limited Workers' Company, The Basque Country, Spain, 1990, PAL, 11 mins.

6. Co-operative Exhibition, Nairobi, 1990, PAL/SECAM, 25 mins.

7. Co-operation Equals Strength, NCBA, USA, 1990, NTSC, 10 mins.

8. Prosperity through Co-operation, The Co-operative Movement in Finland, 1990, PAL.15 mins.

9. Documentary - Antigua, Guatemala, ICA-ROCAC, 1990, NTSC, 15 mins.

10. How to Become an Effective Board Member, ICA, 1991, PAL, 36 mins.