The Co-operative Movement of the Russian Far East

This page is made up Russian Far East Association of Co-operative Movement for accumulation, collection and systemization information of Russian and Foreign Scientists, experts, practicians, representatives of co-operative society and all who will be interested make prove and develop Co-operative movement in Russia, Russian Far East Aria and all countries of our small World.

E.S. Vaznichin. History and problems of consumers co-operative societies. "Economicheskie problemi Dalnego Vostoka", 1998

E.S. Vaznichin is chairman of the Far Eastern Centre of the Co-operative Movement and chairman of the Khabarovsk Territory Consumer Cooperatives Union

Consumers co-operative societies in Eastern Russia have 3 stages in their development: 1). from 1831 till October 1917; 2). from October 1917 till January 1922; from January 1992 up to now.

I spite of the long isolation from the international co-operative movement, the oblivion of the Russia's traditions, attempts of deprivatiza-tion and privatization, consumers co-operative societies survived as a system capable of solving economic and social tasks effectively and expertly.
Facts show that Russia's co-operative societies are returning to life on the basis of the international principles of the co-operative movement.