The Co-operative Movement of the Russian Far East

This page is made up Russian Far East Association of Co-operative Movement for accumulation, collection and systemization information of Russian and Foreign Scientists, experts, practicians, representatives of co-operative society and all who will be interested make prove and develop Co-operative movement in Russia, Russian Far East Aria and all countries of our small World.

S.K.Kurkin. Co-operation on the borderland of the Russian Far East and China.

S.K.Kurking S.A.Dudnik
Association "Far East & Zabaikalye"

The author off the article comes to an imporrtant conclusion that organizing economic relations orientated mainly towarrds exchange of commodities but not investing or cooperative production does not meet the requirements and possibilities of the borderland of Russia and China. The most importand geatures of a new model of co-operation between our region and the provinces of China are pointed out.