The Co-operative Movement of the Russian Far East

This page is made up Russian Far East Association of Co-operative Movement for accumulation, collection and systemization information of Russian and Foreign Scientists, experts, practicians, representatives of co-operative society and all who will be interested make prove and develop Co-operative movement in Russia, Russian Far East Aria and all countries of our small World.

K.N.Zilova. N.N. Matveev-Bodry is a cooperator. "Economicheskie problemi Dalnego Vostoka", 1, 1998


The Khabarovsk museum of regional ethnograpy has unique fanily archives of the Matveevs, who are well-known in the Far East as journalists, publishers and cooperatives. There are move than 20.000 exhibits in the archives. They were collected by N.N.Matveev-Bodry. at his father"s request.

Nicoly Nicolaevich received higher education and devoted himself to organizing the cooperative movement in the USSA, RUSSIA, and in the Far East. The author of the article invites historians, researchers of the cooperative movement to acquaint themselves with the exeptional documents, local periodicals, books about Russian and Foreign experiment of co-operative construction. It is interesting to read the biography and diary notes of N.N. Matveev-bODRY, who was an organizer, thearist and practical worker the cooperative movement.