The Co-operative Movement of the Russian Far East

This page is made up Russian Far East Association of Co-operative Movement for accumulation, collection and systemization information of Russian and Foreign Scientists, experts, practicians, representatives of co-operative society and all who will be interested make prove and develop Co-operative movement in Russia, Russian Far East Aria and all countries of our small World.

Cooperative Values in the new context

Given the prevailing economic scenario in the world, the economic ideology seems to be a better choice over the capitalist or communist ideology. Though socialism as an ideology might have collapsed, the concern for equity, justice and welfare is relevant.

In this context, where does the cooperation stand? Is it just another form of private enterprise as it is viewed in many Western countries. If economic affairs can be organised in pursuit of certain values and if we consider certain values more important than others, then certainly we have every right to consider cooperation as an ideology based on certain set of values which offer well being of the common man.

The fact, however, remains that with the value system of universal and sustainable growth, the cooperatives have to work as economic enterprises with efficiency of the private sector. The cooperative values still remain important and relevant even if the cooperatives have to reorient themselves to meet the challenge of competition and quality.